“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: fear of failure."

Courtney offers one-of-kind workshops, training, facilitation and keynote speaking for corporate and government clients.


Helping people and teams reach their potential and get the lives and careers they want is the goal of CK Consulting.


One of Courtney’s specialties is preparing Milliennials for success in their careers though training in executive presence, peak performance and success principles. Courtney also works with professionals in mid-career who may be stalled or struggling to make the transition from manager to leader. She inspires, motivates and galvanizes professionals to take 100% responsibility for the results they are seeing in their careers and teaches them proven method for success, that deliver immediate results. Courtney’s workshops and trainings are powerful and many participants describe them as “life changing.”


Does this sound familiar?

You have talented hardworking, ambitious managers on your team, they want to move up the next level, but are not quite ready to for a leadership role. Something’s missing - leadership skills, executive presence, clear vision and goals.


Or this?

You have staff who are recent graduates they have  academic credentials, perhaps very good ones, but they don’t understand what it takes to succeed and are struggling to adapt to professional life. Do they need to learn how to effectively deliver results in a professional environment? Do they “get” social media but seemed perplexed by professional expectations?

Courtney’s workshops and trainings are powerful and many participants describe them as “life changing.”

CK Consulting equips people with the practical skills and mind-set to elevate them to leadership, success and peak performance. This training gives people confidence, helping them identify and work in their core genius and better adapt and succeed in their careers. Whether it’s from college to first job or management to leadership. Courtney excels at inspiring people to acknowledge their potential, see the possibilities and get into action. Read what participants have to say about Courtney’s program here.



CKC will help you and your team get to where you need and want to be.






Courtney provides a framework, tool kit and plan for high performers to restart, retool, reset their careers. Whether it's finding direction after a re-organization, or changing a jobs or roles, or re-starting a stalled career, this one-of-a-kind training galvanizes people to take100% responsibility for their own success and the outcomes in their career and gives them increased confidence to step into action.

The key components of Move Up or On:

MOTIVATION - Some of the best work is a result of INSPIRED ACTION and this segment focuses in re-awakening people. We have all seen and possible experience the the fading of an engaged, motivated team member. Loss of engagement, burnt out are very common. But how do you reawaken them? This program uses real life examples of high performers, focusing on their unique stories and unlikely paths to success, to inspire and motivate people to think about their life and work differently and showing them what's possible in their career.  Participants come out of this segment seeing what's possible and thinking, "if they did, then I can."

NEW SKILLS - After people get excited about what's possible the next step is to bring energy into focus. This section focuses on what's working and what's not and introduces a series of actions to take and practices to put in place that will get results. This segment also addresses the importance of attitude and beliefs and how to manage them to determine outcomes.

GOALS AND PLAN - Participants leave with clear goals, a plan to address obstacles and with the commitment to take 100% responsibility,

Read what participants say.

CK Consulting provides training, a tool kit and plan for high performers in a stalled career to Move Up or On.



CONFIDENCE: motivation and performance start to decline when people can’t leverage their best skills. Identifying peoples’ core genius and pairing it with clarity and meaningful goals reignites enthusiasm.


CLARITY: what do you want to do? Who do you want to do it for? Where do you want to do it? Help managers find their vision, get clear on goals and move forward with purpose.


FOCUS: amid the noise and on a shifting landscape, the ability to progress toward goals, and not waiver.



Does your team need motivation, tools for success, a boost in confidence and esteem?



People do the best they can with the knowledge, skills and abilities they have. Just as there are principles that guide science and rules that dictate language usage, there are simple, applicable principles and rules for great success. And no matter who you are, if you apply them, they work. This training teaches participants exceptional success and performance using entertaining, inspirational examples and interactive exercises that people can relate to.



Success Factor Training teaches people the mindsets and behaviors of leaders and high performers


Success Factor Training teaches people the mindsets and behaviors of leaders and high performers (and the behavior of average or below average performers that keep them from advancing). One distinguishing characteristic of peak performers is high self-esteem and confidence; this training invests in raising individual's esteem and confidence, combined with teaching world class success principles, creating a foundation for high performance.



The Success Factor for Millennials


Customized to the unique demands of Millennials to help them transition successfully from academic to professional environments, while developing the habits and mindsets of high performers and taking 100% responsibility for success in their career.


Academic success and success in career and life are different and require different skillsets.  This workshop gives participants skills to communicate, work with and learn from existing generations in the workforce and gives them a toolkit enabling them to be results-driven high and maintain balance and meaning in life.




A gifted speaker, Courtney’s talks are informative, compelling and memorable.

In 2013, she was selected by eWomen network as one of their top 5 speakers. This June she will be presenting at TEDx Edmonton. Courtney speaks and presents workshops on success principles and high performance for corporate, government and university audiences.


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“I cannot say enough positive things. Courtney should be a keynote speaker at more DU events. Her message is applicable to EVERYONE, students, staff, faculty. She is truly a change agent and will positively impact many people with her message of following and staying true to your dreams and passions. I am so happy to have stumbled into her session. She has changed my life!”

-Attendee at Courtney's Move Up or On presentation.

“Courtney was such a delightful speaker. It was standing room only. I really feel encouraged to continue moving up in my career. ”

-Attendee at the Move Up or On session at the University of Denver Conference

"I was completely blown away and inspired by both your keynote address and your breakout session. You have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking."

-Katherine Shimazaki, Delegate, NEW Conference

"As the vice-president of Government Relations for The University of Colorado System, I attend many professional development seminars. Courtney's session not only inspired me to take action but was a catalyst for making some critical life changes.”

- Tanya Kelly Bowry, Office of State and Federal Gvt. Relations.

"Great mix of tools, humor and practical information"

-Jill Anderson,  Anderson Marketing Communications





The Launch Experience...for the Launch of Your Life


This one of a kind online program provides you with everything you need
to launch your life and career. What they don’t teach in college and can’t
tell you at career services.


You have questions and dreams. The Experience answers your questions, shows you your options and consolidates everything in  one place so you can launch your life and our career with confidence.


You’ll learn step by step how to:

Get clarity on your goals and purpose through engaging, fun exploratory exercises.
Say goodbye to beating your head against the wall trying to figure out what you want
or wondering when your life purpose is going to appear.


If you know what you want, move past fears of supporting yourself of not achieving
the levels of success your dream of.


Learn tactics for finding and landing the job or entrepreneurial opportunities you want.

Learn how to be and intrapreneur and an entrepreneur – transitioning from working for someone else to owning your own company.


Create a personal brand and materials to market yourself with the latest tools and most innovative techniques.


Break out of the conventional track and design a life of independence and success
that suits your definition of success.

Be part of a community of people who are on the same path.


Choose a career and life path you can feel enthusiastic about

Stop wondering if what you want it possible and learn the skills
and tactics for making if a reality.


This one of a kind experience runs twice yearly.

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next enrollment period opens.


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Making a mid-career change is daunting and most people
don't know where to start or where to turn for help.


Tired of what you’re doing? Burnt out?

Are you ready to move on but not sure to where or the steps to take?

Find out if you are really ready to walk away from your current career
or if you just need time off.

Worried about how you’ll replace your salary?

Concerned about starting a “new” career?

Think you’ll have to re-tool your skillset?

Have you ever said “but I don’t know how to do anything else!”


Courtney will help you address these concerns and develop a realistic plan for getting on track to what you want to do.


If you're ready to find your new direction, Courtney can help you.


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For more information on booking Courtney to speak

at your conference or event, contact her here,


“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ”

-Zig Ziglar

Contact Courtney today for keynote speaking or to book her one-of-a-kind workshops and experience a paradigm shift in training and performance.



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